[RACE] 2020 – TKC Race #9 – Sun, Oct 4 @ BMP

TKC Race #9 is Sunday, October 4, 2020 at Brechin Motorsport Park.

The track has been opened up to immediate family members. Meaning, parents, siblings and Grandparents.Please note that we request they remain in your pit area, with a limit of 5 persons total per pit (including driver and mechanic).When outside of your pit area masks and social distance protocols are to be practiced.The Ramara area has instituted a MANDATORY mask policy.
So Covid-19 Protocol for the track are as follows:
* Masks must be worn indoors and by mechanics on grid, but are encouraged at all times
* Grid is limited to driver and mechanic only.
* Social distancing is mandatory at all times amongst persons not of the same household.
Race fees are $85. As always we give a family second driver discount.

Registration will be open from 7:00 – 8:30.
Drivers meeting at 9:00
On track at 9:30.

All club affiliated drivers are welcome. Please let us know you are coming so we can pre-enter you into the computer.

You can camp overnight if you are so inclined. PLEASE NOTE: Call the track (705-426-5278) to let them know you are coming.

The spec fuel station for the Gamebridge track is:

Classes (and weight) being offered are:
Novice Briggs (240 lbs)
Junior Light Briggs (270 lbs)
Junior Heavy Briggs (300 lbs)
Senior Briggs (340 lbs)
Masters Light Briggs (350 lbs)

Volunteers Needed!

See you at the track!


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