NEW FOR 2018 – Push Back Bumper System

New for 2018 Toronto Kart Club has announced that it will adopt the push back front bumper system in this years Championship Kart Racing Series.

Push back front bumper systems have become the norm in many CIK sanctioned karting events in Europe since 2015. These bumpers include a different mounting clip which upon impact allows the bumper to push inwards. Simply, if the driver hits something with a speed differential of over 5 km/h the bumper will push in. The bumper will remain attached to the go kart but will be loose in its mount.

Why would we implement this feature?

After reviewing events from last year at our home track and observing other events it became clear that it has become increasingly common for drivers to use the front bumper in an aggressive manner that may cause accidents and/or impede or destroy another driver’s race or session. During most events it does not seem viable to watch in real time “all karts in every corner at every moment”; therefore making a judgment call after the event is a difficult practise. The adoption of the push in bumper is an effort to curb this behaviour.

TKC’s spirit of kart racing follows these guiding principles:
1.) To reward drivers for exemplary driving performance on the track and their skill in setting up the kart.
2.) We expect that after a race that all drivers will feel that they had a fair chance during the event.
3.) We expect that all karts will be taken home in the same condition as when they arrived.

How will this effect the drivers and karts?

While the implementation of this bumper system will require some getting used to, we will allow 3 races from the start of the season for the drivers to become used to racing this way. On race 4 we will adopt a time penalty system. This will be explained at each drivers meeting.

The device is very simple to install on most of the new bumpers which no longer have the mounting hooks molded into the bumper. By unscrewing the 8 mounting screws the standard mounting hooks can be removed and the push in clips can be installed. These can be purchased at the track for $31.95. If you have an old style bumper that does not allow the clips to be removed you should purchase a new bumper that accepts the clips. These can also be purchased at the track.

Toronto Kart Clubs Championship 4 cycle series

2018 will be the first season on our newly renovated track at Brechin Motorsport Park (formerly known as Gamebridge Go Karts). The track has been widened to 8 meters and extended to
40-45 second lap times, depending on which of the many possible configurations are raced! The facility has a new dedicated scales and tech building as well as a new two-storey scoring
building with a full parts shop. Cameras covering the track are also planned. All ASN licensed drivers are welcome to join us for any of our races, and stay tuned for updates!