Volunteers Needed!

Toronto Kart Club, being a true not-for-profit organization, relies on volunteers for the many duties that need to be performed, in order to keep the Club running.  These duties occur during race-days as well as behind the scenes with administration and organization of events.  Generally, no experience is necessary — just a willingness to be part of your club!

Find out how you can get involved, and get more out of being a member of Toronto Kart Club.  If you are interested in becoming a Board member in the future, you will require prior involvement in one of the positions listed below.  All positions also qualify for High School students needing community service hours!

General descriptions of various assignments are listed below.   If you see a vacancy and would like to sign up to help, just contact us by clicking on the SIGN UP link and sending us an email.  Even if you can only help for one or two events, we’d love to hear from you.

Descriptions of TKC Duties/Assignments

Corner Marshalls 
Corner Marshalls assist the Race Director, by being positioned in key corners along the race track.  Corner Marshalls are responsible for watching the karts, reporting any incidents to the race director via radio, holding/waving appropriate flags as directed by the Race Director, and assisting any disabled karts in their vicinity.  Being a corner marshall involves standing for long periods of time, and being alert and able to follow instructions.  Must be at least 16 years of age.

Grid Marshall 
The Grid Marshall is responsible for ensuring that each class is positioned in the correct order, according to the grid chart provided by the scoring tower.  The Grid Marshall should ensure that each driver is wearing appropriate safety gear.  Upon direction from the Race Director, the Grid Marshall gives appropriate advance warnings (5 minute, 1 minute) to the drivers, and then signals the drivers to enter the track.  For timed qualifying procedures, the Grid Marshall spaces the karts at appropriate intervals, when instructing each kart to enter the track.  The Grid Marshall is in contact with all other officials via radio.

Scales & Transponder Collection 
The Scales official is responsible for observing the weight of each kart and driver upon exit from the track, and ensuring that each kart enters the scale area in an appropriate and safe manner.  Any kart/driver found to be underweight, is reported immediately to the Race Director and Scoring Tower.  After the final heat for each class, transponders should be collected and placed in the cases, and licenses returned to the drivers.

Pre-Race Safety Inspector 
After morning registration, each Junior kart, and any Senior rookie kart, must report to the pre-race Safety Inspector.  The Safety Inspector goes over the kart, to ensure that each item on the pre-race inspection form is satisfactory.  The Inspector then signs and keeps the form, and places a sticker on the kart.  All forms are then turned over to the scoring tower or post-race technical inspector.

Assistant Post-Race Inspector 
Assist the chief Technical Inspector to scrutinize selected karts in accordance with ASN Canada and TKC technical regulations.

Pre-Race Painters 
Prior to the first qualifying heat, engines and tires of all karts must be marked/sealed with paint, to ensure that they have not been tampered with or changed during the day.

Scoring — Computer 
Responsible for operating the computer and scoring software, printing results, recording and entering penalties, ensuring that all karts on track are communicating with the computer, reconciling computer results with manual results, using the PA system to call classes to grid and pre-grid, and maintaining communication with all officials via radio.  Prepare grid sheets and provide to Grid Marshall.  Knowledge of the AMB track timing software is required; training can be provided.

Scoring — Manual 
Responsible for manually recording each kart as it crosses the start/finish line for all heats, and reconciling results with the computer system.  Can also assist with PA to ensure that classes are being called to grid, and assist with preparation of grid sheets.

Race-Day Registration Assistant 
Assisting the primary registrar with morning registration, which involves morning set-up, receiving pre-tech self-declaration forms and issuing stickers, overseeing waivers and wristband distribution.  After registration closes, assist with packing up supplies and transferring them to the scoring tower.

Special Events Committee 
Assist the Committee Chairman with various aspects of organizing and setting up and promoting special race events.  This will also involve a small amount of time during the week prior to the event, in order to set up the physical track, barriers, etc.

Communications & Media 
Assist the Board of Directors with press releases, race-day reports and other promotional material, and ensure that items are written in an expedited manner and distributed to various online and printed media.  If you are a budding reporter/journalist, you would enjoy this position.  This position could also involve photography.

Ironman Enduro Event Coordinator
Assist the Board of Directors with organizing the Ironman Enduro event, which may involve, but is not limited to:  Ordering special awards, sourcing out prizes (purchased and/or donated), arranging for t-shirts, arranging for BBQ supplies, food and beverages, assisting with race-day duties such as the pit-stop, awards ceremonies, etc.

Yearbook Committee
Assist with design/layout, organizing and cataloguing photos, taking photos at race-days during the year, assist with compiling driver profiles and photos, assist with putting the book together using appropriate software, etc.  Working knowledge of graphics programs and Photoshop is preferred.  Also needed are assistant photographers who enjoy taking digital photos.

Banquet Committee
Assist the Banquet Coordinator with various aspects of organizing and setting up the year-end banquet with respect to venue bookings, menu selections, awards, acquiring prizes, setting up on the day of the banquet, etc.