Racing Options

Option 1 – Club Racing

The Toronto Kart Club (TKC) is a not-for-profit organization that is based at the Brechin Motorsport Park in Gamebridge, Ontario.  The TKC organizes an annual Kart Race Championship and other events throughout the racing season.  Members are trained by the Club and are issued an ASN competition license for kart racing.  Drivers own their own karts and are allowed to make setup changes within the limits of a set of published rules.  There is a yearly membership fee to join the club; and race fees per race event.

Option 2 – Arrive & Drive

Everything is provided for you – kart, engine, tires, fuel, safety gear, etc.  Join the Canadian Karting League to race ($100 to join, $80/event) or just practice ($65/day), or both.  On and off track training is required to be eligible to drive the karts. Click here fore more information on Arrive & Drive and Brechin Motorsport Park!