Brechin Motorsport Park @ Gamebridge

Freshly paved!  The original track (lighter) was widened to 8 meters all around and then extended south (darker).  The North Track will be used for Public Rentals and the South Track for Practice, Test & Tune as well as Arrive & Drive.  Multiple configurations combining the North & South tracks are possible for Club Racing and select Arrive & Drive Events.  Full track layouts for races will be made available for selected practice sessions as well.

We have also constructed a generous grid area, as well as a dedicated Scales/Tech. building and a 2-storey building for Scoring, Registration and a Parts Shop.

The racing side of the business operates under Brechin Motorsport Park (BMP) while public rentals operates under Gamebridge Go-Karts.  You may see the BMP logo, but the track will always be known as “Gamebridge”!